Work Internships

Completed a Creating Ties program and want to go back? Consider one of our work internship programs during your college years.

Below are some examples of past internships that we custom created for people. These internships are offered “as is” or can be modified to suit your needs and interests. If you are interested in having Creating Ties custom-create an internship for you, please email

1.  Wildlife Preservation:
Wild animals are victims of illegal trafficking and are rescued by the customs airport police in Lima, Peru. The intern will work with a non-profit whose main goal is to restore these wild animals to their natural habitat. This non-profit has centers located in Lima and the rainforest.

The intern will be assisting the Director of the non-profit and working on-site at a zoo in Lima, Peru. In the Director’s office the intern will: Assist in the remodeling of the webpage, will help work on various projects such as fundraising, coordinate alliances with universities in the U.S. to bring volunteers to the Rescue Center, and create educational materials for environmental science programs at schools and universities in Peru.

In the zoo, the intern will assist in the maintenance of the wild animals by preparing their food, feedings, and working alongside the veterinarians at this facility. The intern will learn about the problematic issue of wild animal trafficking and witness how these underfunded rescue centers operate. The intern will also travel to the rainforest rescue center for a 7-10 day visit and will assist with the return and care of the animals to their natural habitat. At the rescue center in the Rainforest, the intern will be able to see first hand the devastating and polluting effects of the illegal extraction of gold and the consequent deforestation that continues to put animals in danger of extinction.

2.  Fashion and Textile Design:
This Internship is with a small design and textile firm devoted to the design of textile collections for women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, as well as decorative items. The intern will be assisting the President of the firm and will be shadowing her throughout the day. The intern will be able to observe and learn from the full collections that are manufactured by hand on industrial looms and see how they are used in the various fields of the fashion industry. The firm works closely with indigenous groups of craftspeople throughout Peru who manufacture some of the firm’s textile designs. The firm also researches fashion trends and visits World Fairs (eg. the Paris Première Vision Salon) in order to offer their clients innovative designs.

3.  Art Education:
The intern will work in an art Atelier in Lima teaching art classes to pre-school children. The intern will be under the direction of a head teacher who will instruct the intern in different methods, mediums, techniques and the use of materials that will be used for the instruction of the children. In addition to the work as an art instructor, the intern will also work as a studio assistant to a famous sculptor artist who will be setting up a master exhibition.

4. Organic Urban Agriculture:
Organic Urban Agriculture is the cultivation of vegetables and fruits in a small-scale urban setting. These urban farms provide food security and food safety for some of the most food insecure populations. These small-scale farms are located in the poorest slum in Lima. There are over 100 urban farmers; 83 of which grow vegetables, 52 raise small animals, 45 grow fruit trees, 31 grow aromatic herbs and 18 produce ornamental plants.

The intern will be under the direction of the program coordinator. The intern will work closely with urban farmers to help improve soil qualities and water sequestration through cover crops. The intern will help create water conservation and collection ideas for farmers. The intern will also provide new ideas for value added products and creative approaches to tap new markets. Since the farms are planted near schools, the intern could create an education curriculum for students.

5.  Student Teaching:
Creating Ties is offering graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to student teach in Lima, Peru at the elementary, middle and high school levels in accredited schools. The openings for student teachers are in the areas of Sciences, Social Studies, Language Arts, English Literature and Writing, Art, Educational Technology and English as a Second Language. The student teaching is done in English in bilingual private schools. Our interns/ student teachers will work in a very well known private school that has a zoo and ecological center. Depending on the educational institution, interns/student teachers can get free room and board.

6. Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee and Cacao Cooperative:
The organic coffee and cacao cooperative was founded by 50 farmers in 1977 and since then has grown to over 300 members. They export fair trade coffee and cacao to the United States and Europe. The cooperative is economically diverse though their production of honey and yuca. With the fair trade prices, this cooperative is able to conserve the soil and environment through improvements in technical aspects of their production.

Interns with an interest in business could work with the cooperative’s store that sells chocolate powder, coffee liquors and wines, roasted coffee and cacao products. Interns would assist with business planning, accounting, diversification of products, management styles, inventory tracking and marketing for the cooperatives local customers.

Interns with an interest in agriculture could work with extension agents to help improve soil and crop quality through organic methods such as intercropping and cover crops. Students could identify and categorize local pests and appropriate organic pest management plans. Students could provide information on the proper ways to soil test and implement efficient fertilizer application based on findings.