Peru Team

Patricia Gilardi Magnan - President of Asociación Creando Lazos

Patty believes that the future of the world lies in the hands of the youth, which inspires her work. As a longtime Girl Scout leader and entrepreneur, she is a strong believer in being socially responsible and contributing to the improvement of the lives for Peruvian communities. This outlook is what led her to create Asociación Creando Lazos, Creating Ties’ sister organization.


Kristie Arias – Internship Coordinator

Kristie is a can-do person with her enthusiastic and energetic approach to life. She is an artist, textile designer and social entrepreneur. She teaches indigenous communities textile design so they can combine traditional knowledge with innovative techniques. Kristie is constantly establishing new, meaningful relationships with local Peruvian organizations to ensure a unique experience. Her infectious positive attitude and genuine connections with people make her a true mover and shaker.