US Team

Martha Hayden – President

Martha, a native of Peru loves the saying, “the sky’s the limit” and believes the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.  Martha, a Spanish teacher at Princeton High School in NJ, has a passion for teaching. Her belief that students learn better when engaged in meaningful experiences is seen in the careful design of the Creating Ties’ programs in Peru. It is Martha’s wish that students involved in Creating Ties’ service-learning programs will have life changing experiences propelling them into social action and inspiring them to become the future social entrepreneurs this world needs.


Meg Hayden – Program Director 

Meg’s travels to Peru started at a very young age exposing her to a wide range of opportunities to help people. She believes that empowering people with knowledge improves their lives and the lives of the future generations, which led to the creation of her own non-profit called Roots for Little Seedlings. After several setbacks, she realized that in order to empower people, she had to connect with them through how they make a living – agriculture. With her degree in agroecology from Penn State, Meg set out to travel the world and began working on various agricultural projects. These experiences opened her eyes to sustainable methods of living, which she has brought to Creating Ties’ programs.



Katrina Lennon – Communications Director 

“Where you go becomes who you are” is a saying that has ignited Katrina’s zest for life and guides her in her travels around the world. She has traveled to over 20 countries and each country she visits has a significant impact on the person she is today. She believes that spending time abroad is the key to discovering who you are, and who you want to be. It is her sincerest hope, that all the programs will ignite this passion inside others and through educational experiences, steer them towards a future in social change.


Nick Valcourt – Water Engineer Consultant

Nick is a professional engineer with an unprofessional approach to his work.  He began working with Creating Ties in 2012, meeting with Peruvians in native and squatter communities to talk about their water concerns.  He imagines a world where no one is held back from living a healthy, productive and fulfilling life because of their lack of access to healthcare, clean water or sanitation. He also believes that as a worldwide community, we have so much to learn from one another.