Alternative Energy: Wind Power for the People by the People

  • Dates:
  • January 4-18, Spring and Summer 2013
  • Duration: 
  • 2-4 weeks
  • Education:
  • Seminar on social entrepreneurship, administration of natural resources and green initiatives in Peru at the Universidad del Pacifico
  • Theoretical Topics: 
  • Airfoil design, wind turbine aerodynamics, wind turning sighting, force analysis on wind turbines and towers, wind turbine blade balancing, electrical systems for wind turbines, energy output calculations, economics of wind turbines and environmental impact of wind turbines
  • Practical Topics:
  • Resin and fiberglass airfoil blade manufacture, arc welding, cutting, grinding and sanding of wood, metals and resins, electrical wiring and wind turbine component manufacture, painting, finishing and protective coating of materials, assembly and installation and maintenance of a small-scale wind turbine
  • Destinations:
  • Lima, Chan Chan and Huacas del Sol y de la Luna
  • Deadline:
  • 3 months prior to departure


Join us as we build, donate and install a wind turbine for an indigenous community that has no access to electricity. Partnering with a Peruvian non-governmental organization, you will learn how to build and install a wind turbine from scratch.

The program begins in Lima where we will visit historical sites in the colonial capital. We will also attend a seminar on social entrepreneurship, administration of natural resources and green initiatives in developing countries at a Peruvian University. The following day we will travel to the northern city of Trujillo, Peru’s first capital, and visit the colonial sites. We will also tour the largest adobe city in the world, Chan Chan and Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, ancient Pre-Columbian archaeological sites.

During your time in the workshop, you will be educated by a trained engineer or technician on all safety measures and introduced to the turbine’s components. You will learn about the blueprint of the turbine, what dimensions are used and why, how a turbine produces renewable energy, and the overall impact of wind energy in the developing world.

Once we have built our wind turbine, we will install it with community members in an Andean school.

Note: Experience is not required. The skills necessary to build the turbine are taught as the project develops. Participants need to be enthusiastic and ready to learn.

For College/Grad Students: Creating Ties recommends that this program be offered as an internship or “for credit” summer program and/or and independent study for students majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Resources, Sustainable Business, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Development, Geography, Anthropology, International Development, Community Development, Sociology and other related majors.


Length of stay and itinerary can be modified to suit your group.

Independent research opportunities available.

$3,500 (Subject to change)


The experience of being able to give a community the gift of light was just amazing.
– Ruba, Duke University